180 Teaticket Highway East Falmouth, MA

Kate Ridl
Studio Director & Owner

From your very first time in Kate's class you will feel calm yet inspired to begin your 90 minute open eyed meditation practice which will challenge you, change you, and help you to become the best version of yourself.

You are personally invited and welcome into our amazing yoga community. My name is Kate Ridl, owner of Bikram Yoga Falmouth. I have been practicing this yoga for eight years, teaching for five.  When I started practicing Bikram Yoga, my life and responsibilities were completely overwhelming me. Stressed from work, mildly depressed and just feeling like I was missing something. I sought refuge in a Bikram Yoga class. 

I am not going to lie, I was completely knocked off my feet, really challenged to - my - limit. However, later that day and into the next I noticed this glimmer of hope in the way I was feeling. So I went back again, and again, and again. Soon I wasn’t so taken aback by the class and I was starting to be able to do more, breathe better, and actually started to enjoy the challenge. Bikram Yoga became the key for unlocking the part of my brain that was usually tied up by stress and anxiety.  

It enabled me to think clearer and have a more positive reaction to the challenges of daily life. By taking care of myself, made me better…at everything. Marriage, motherhood, work, life. Don’t get me wrong life is still still has it’s ups and downs, but I’m facing it head on with a foundation of confidence and peace that comes from a regular practice.

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