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Gong Bath

With Gong Master Joy Quinn Blum

Sunday, July 22nd

6:30pm - 8pm

$25 Drop-In

$20 Pre-Register and HOT PASS/Annual Members


A gong bath is like a very deep and lasting massage, by tuning the physical body and soul to the greatest possible resonance.

Usually lying on a mat on your back in savasana position receiving the sound energy of the gong as it is being played, moving through the nervous system – opens, clears and recharges the whole mind, body and spirit, which triggers a meditation, a contemplative state in which we have the opportunity to relinquish control of the mind. Negativity and stress are suspended, resistance is cleared, and the whole being is reset to a state of synchrony and alignment.

Join us for an experience of sound clearing and harmonizing at one of our gong bath meditation sessions. The focus will be to clear, energize and balance each of your 7 energy centers, known as chakras, through the deep vibration and resonance of the gongs. This extraordinary sound experience allows you to rest into your deeper self and move into a dream-like state while waves of gong tones wash over your mind, body and spirit. Immersed in the total sound of holistic resonance, you can reach a state of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and peace. Leave with greater clarity, inner peace and a deeper connection to your truth and joy!

For more information about Joy Quinn Blum or Gong Baths visit Gongs of Joy

Bring a blanket, yoga mat, and pillow to be comfy on the floor.


Pop Up Class


$15 Drop-In | Included in your HOT PASS/Annual Membership

If you have never met Vanessa, check this class out!

Flow your way through 75 minutes of mind and body strengthening yoga poses! Focusing on alignment and breath, Vanessa will guide you through a journey of yoga poses, moving mindfully from one pose to another.  By incorporating breath, strong postures, and graceful transitions you are guaranteed to leave feeling more connected, stronger and better able to flow through your day. This class will be heated to 90 degrees and is suitable for all students.

Conditioning and Yin

Pop Up Class

Next Class Wednesday August, 8th 7pm

$15 Drop-In | $10 For HOT PASS/Annual Members

Yin yoga is a quiet and simple practice, but not necessarily and easy practice.

You hold gentle postures for longer periods of time.
It targets the deeper tissues of the body, our connective tissues — ligaments, joints, bones and deep fascia rather than the muscles.
Match that with some strengthening and you get stronger and then more open and relaxed

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