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Bikram Yoga is perfect for the beginning student
who has never practiced yoga. You will learn how
to do exactly what you can do, step by step. 

All Levels of Experience Welcome

Beginning Students Welcome. Bikram Yoga is perfect for the brand new student. If you have never done yoga before you will be helped and nutured every step of the way. It doesn't matter your physical condition. You always do exactly what you can do. 

The Yoga 

Bikram Yoga is practiced in a warm room. This is to help you move more easily - and to help you get maximum benefit each and every time you practice. You will find that your body will begin to open and change quickly. Each class you will build new strength, increase flexibility and reduce stress. 

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Tips for New Students

To get maximum benefits, come to class at least 10 times during your first 30 days. 

Please arrive 20 minutes before your first class in order to acclimate to the studio.

You can register online or at the studio.

What to wear: as little as you feel comfortable in, you are going to sweat a lot.Hydrate yourself well. 

Have a liter of water a couple of hours before class.

Allow yourself 2 hours after your last meal before class.

Bring water, a yoga mat and a large towel, we also have these items available to rent.
Bring a friend, its fun to buddy up and stay motivated. 

We have full shower facilities for after class if needed.

Bottom line, just show up, have fun, do yoga.


Beginning Class Schedule -
You are welcome to every class on the schedule.

​ORIGINAL 90​ - Our traditional 90 minute Beginner’s Hot Bikram Yoga Class consists of the Original 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. We stand behind the therapeutic benefits of the Original 90 Minute class and believe it is the best way to practice this series.  However, time is not always available…

​60 MIN EXPRESS - This class consists of the same 26 + 2 practiced in a slightly different manner from what you may be used to.

SPECIAL EVENTS - In addition to the life changing Bikram Yoga we offer, we are always experimenting with new ways for our community to enjoy staying healthy.  Please check our website or in the studio for more classes added weekly.  Conditioning and Yin, Gong Bath, Hot Pilates, Hot Yoga Flow and Belly Dancing just to name a few.

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