Bikram Yoga Falmouth

Bikram Yoga Falmouth

is a local, independent,

woman owned and operated Hot Yoga Studio.  We are not and never will be franchised.

90-Minute Bikram Yoga Class - Unless specified, all classes are 90 minutes.  We stand behind the healing benefits of our original 90 minute Bikram yoga class and believe it is the best way to practice this series. 

New Class - HOT 60 - We are offering a 60 minute class for the end of the day when it may be a struggle to get any yoga in.  This class consists of the same sequence practiced slightly differently from what you may be used to.

New Class - Pilates - Bikram Yoga and Pilates both help on the journey to create a healthy vibrant lifestyle.  While a little different in nature both exercises are a full body workout that helps you become in tune with your body by focusing on breath, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and deep concentration. 

(Drop-In rate $15, class cards and Unlimited packages can be used for Pilates)

The studio is open 30 minutes before and after each class.

If you are new please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of class. 
There is no need to preregister, just come on in.
While we love having you here, please limit your time after class to 30 minutes.

 "No matter how you feel,

Get up, dress up, show up

and NEVER give up..." 

Fall  2017  Schedule

180 Teaticket Highway | East Falmouth, Ma | 508-540-0089 |