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Yogi of the Month

April 2017

David Connors

What brought you through the front door? Several years ago, I went to Bikram once a week for a few months and, although I didn't find the reasons then to continue, I was left with a very favorable impression regarding the quality of the workout.  In mid-2015, something happened in my life that made me really look at myself and I wasn't really happy with all that I saw.  What followed could be described as similar to an addict's rock bottom and the rebuilding of your life from the inside out.  Three months into the journey, I lay in bed one night and a powerful intuitive feeling came to me that I needed to go to Bikram the next day.  It was a Wednesday, and the first workout was brutal.  I sat out some of the poses but managed to stay in the room.  I thought I should try to finish the week and set that for a goal.  When Friday came, I thought I should set a goal of doing all five weekdays (9:15 class) the next week.  So that goal and that schedule has been kept up for almost a year and a half and the reasons I show up today are not the same as in the beginning.  At first, it was a challenge (Bikram's famous quote that he'll change your body and then change your life was intriguing) and it helped me with anxiety.  Today, the reasons for continuing this practice are complex and I may not find the right words.  It is related to the quest for a more meaningful existence and how a practice fits into that.  For me, it is learning by a process that starts with thoughts and concepts but, then, has to transcend into direct experience.  Meditation and Bikram are practices that foster that transcendence.  For the first time in my life, I have been able to consciously experience what some people call a higher vibrational energy, or Chi, or the Holy Spirit.  To do something that brings health to your body and aids your emotional and spiritual growth is really cool and special.  I recently thought about the first time I heard a Bikram teacher say, "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable" and how it so perfectly matched with my struggle with very difficult emotions at that time.  And now, on a really good day in the hot room, I can feel something approaching bliss even while experiencing what my old self would describe as uncomfortable sensations.  It is rare for me still, but I see that it is possible.  

I would like to mention that the community, teachers and classmates, at the studio is a big draw for me.  It is a very down to earth and fun (and funny!) group.  

Outside of yoga... I am a parent with my wife, Laura, to two really cool kids, Lily (11 years) and Elijah (7 years).  My kids attend the Waldorf school in Cotuit and, as a family, we are active in the support of the school.  I live on a farm that I have worked for the last 15 years and run a small CSA.  

After class... My must have is kombucha (home-brewed!).

Yogi of the Month March  2017
Susan Kelley  "
Suffering brought me to Bikram Yoga.  I had been experiencing debilitating stiffness in all joints. I tried swimming and other styles of yoga. The heat, the simple (not to be confused with easy) 26 poses, and the unchanging sequence of the postures all worked best for me. Then I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Through anti-inflammatory diet and Bikram Yoga, I manage my RA without medication. Flexibility and balance still elude me but I have no pain. I believe this yoga has saved my life." 
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Yogi of the Month February  2017

Bob Crowley  "I have been pretty active my whole life. About five years ago, I started having knee problems and could no longer run. I knew I needed to find a replacement activity, something that would still be a challenge but a little more gentle on my joints. I was driving by one day and happened to notice the studio, and that was it. This is the first type of yoga I ever tried!  Now I practice at least three times a week. I believe this yoga helps me function better day to day."  Read more

Yogi of the Month January 2016
Lisa Kelliher 
"I have found that the path of yoga is so complementary to the path of recovery from addiction. Bikram Yoga has taught me to have less judgement toward myself and others. It has enhanced the "pause" button in situations that happen outside the studio. This discipline has helped me to be present in the moment and to let go of things beyond my control. It is teaching me to be where my feet are. I cannot say enough good things about this practice."
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Yogi of the Month November 2016
Dennis McGillicuddy
"Prior to Bikram Yoga, I had felt the mind/body connection in various forms of exercise, and I had felt the mind/spirit connection in my religious life.  The hot room is the one place where I have felt all three unite, and I cherish that unity."
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