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Yogi of the Month

August 2017

Bill Kulis

How long have you been practicing?
I'm Bill Kulis, 63 years of age, a high school teacher and coach at Falmouth High School. I started Bikram Yoga in February of this year.

What brought you through the front door?
I came to the studio following the advice of my primary care MD and my chiropractor to deal with leg and lower back issues. 

Why did you keep coming back?
After six months of consistently practicing Bikram Yoga, I can unequivocally state that this has been one the best forms of physical therapy I have tried. The stretching in the heat combined with the sequence poses has relieved the pain and stiffness in my lower back and legs. Additionally, this yoga practiced has allowed me to regain my normal gait. 

What's your favorite posture?
Eagle! I'm starting to open up a lot more in this one and see the changes in my body. So many of these postures seems impossible to me when I first started practicing, but now I recognize that I've been making steady progress. The instructors at BYF are fabulous! Kate, Laura, Karen, and Christian are great coaches and welcome you to do what you can with the physical state you are in that day. They are encouraging and supportive. 

Bikram Yoga has taught me...
There is nothing more important than investing in my overall health. This yoga can be frustrating at first with the heat and your current physical state, but it it is well worth the sweat and energy you expend! It is not a quick fix, as I can attest, but over the last six months my physical and mental well being have improved greatly!!! 

Outside of the studio, you can find me...
When I am not teaching or coaching for the High School you can find me beyond the bar at one of your favorite Italian restaurants in Falmouth. I also like to golf and spend time with my family.

After class must have?
Another water! Hydrate well before and after each class. Namaste  [😊]   

Yogi of the Month July 2017
Sarah Peters"I starting going because my body was quickly falling apart from bad genes and too many hours at a drafting table.  For about a year it would take nearly an hour for my neck and ankles to revive in the morning.  My mother has severe arthritis.  She lives in constant pain and in a hobbled state.  I knew I had to be proactive, or I’d end up just like her.  In the first class, I could barely turn my head to the side.  Lying flat on the floor was an accomplishment.  By the end of the class, which was miserable, I knew I had to keep going because I was completely loose and pain-free.  After two weeks I felt like a new person." Read more

Yogi of the Month June 2017
Michael T."Bikram Yoga has taught me a lot. When I first walked in, it was hotter than any yoga I had done before. I couldn't ever pay attention to what the instructor was saying because I was wondering if I was getting enough air during class. As I kept coming back, I learned to tolerate the heat, increasing my mental discipline.  Which in turn helps me focus more on the instructor, my breath, and the movements, in essence, learing to focus on the present moment. Practicing Bikram Yoga has taught me that even the slightest little adjustment in a posture could stretch a muscle you may have never stretched. It taught me form is much more important than depth and that in doing the posture correctly, you can get so many more benefits."
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Yogi of the Month May 2017

Marian Lans "Bikram Yoga has taught me that I really can do things that I never dreamed I’d be able to do. During my first months of practicing, I never thought I would be able to do Camel Posture. Now it’s one of my favorites. It’s also taught me that age doesn’t matter if you really want to do something. Right now, I’m trying to apply these realizations to my desire to learn to roller skate. It should be fun!
     Lastly, I learned how healing this yoga can be. When I started practicing, I was seeing a neurologist for injections to my neck. I had frozen shoulder and spinal stenosis. After only a month of Bikram Yoga my doctor could not believe the improvement in my mobility and said that he was there if I ever needed him again. I haven’t needed him again and never had another injection
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Yogi of the Month April 2017

David Connors  "Today, the reasons for continuing this practice are complex and I may not find the right words.  It is related to the quest for a more meaningful existence and how a practice fits into that.  For me, it is learning by a process that starts with thoughts and concepts but, then, has to transcend into direct experience.  Meditation and Bikram are practices that foster that transcendence.  For the first time in my life, I have been able to consciously experience what some people call a higher vibrational energy, or Chi, or the Holy Spirit.  To do something that brings health to your body and aids your emotional and spiritual growth is really cool and special." Read more

Yogi of the Month March  2017
Susan Kelley  "
Suffering brought me to Bikram Yoga.  I had been experiencing debilitating stiffness in all joints. I tried swimming and other styles of yoga. The heat, the simple (not to be confused with easy) 26 poses, and the unchanging sequence of the postures all worked best for me. Then I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Through anti-inflammatory diet and Bikram Yoga, I manage my RA without medication. Flexibility and balance still elude me but I have no pain. I believe this yoga has saved my life." 
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Yogi of the Month February  2017

Bob Crowley  "I have been pretty active my whole life. About five years ago, I started having knee problems and could no longer run. I knew I needed to find a replacement activity, something that would still be a challenge but a little more gentle on my joints. I was driving by one day and happened to notice the studio, and that was it. This is the first type of yoga I ever tried!  Now I practice at least three times a week. I believe this yoga helps me function better day to day."  Read more

Yogi of the Month January 2016
Lisa Kelliher 
"I have found that the path of yoga is so complementary to the path of recovery from addiction. Bikram Yoga has taught me to have less judgement toward myself and others. It has enhanced the "pause" button in situations that happen outside the studio. This discipline has helped me to be present in the moment and to let go of things beyond my control. It is teaching me to be where my feet are. I cannot say enough good things about this practice."
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Yogi of the Month November 2016
Dennis McGillicuddy
"Prior to Bikram Yoga, I had felt the mind/body connection in various forms of exercise, and I had felt the mind/spirit connection in my religious life.  The hot room is the one place where I have felt all three unite, and I cherish that unity."
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